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2Pcs Waterproof Crocs Headlights

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5Pcs Thickened Pro Cleaning Cloth


5Pcs Thickened Pro Cleaning Cloth


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Still using the same old cleaning supplies that always leave streaks and smudges? With these towels used and recommended by professional cleaners, you won’t have to wipe your mirrors, car windshield, or tables twice! The towel’s premium quality microfiber removes moisture, dust and debris on surfaces like glass without scratching or streaks. Plus they are machine washable and stay effective through hundreds of washes. 


5Pcs Thickened Pro Cleaning Cloth


Clean like a pro, get yours now (only 11 left today).

5Pcs Thickened Pro Cleaning Cloth


You can use it to clean a variety of surfaces, dishes, tables, countertops, windows, windshields, computers, appliances, etc.

The fibers are finer and absorb more than regular cloths, making them easier to clean.


5Pcs Thickened Pro Cleaning Cloth


Cleaning becomes effortless – no more struggling with towels that leave streaks and static.

Keep your car looking new and your home clean, without hours of scrubbing.  

Reusable and easy to wash: Feel good about using a product that’s good for you and the environment.


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Material: Microfiber

Color: Identical to images

Size: 20*30cm,30*30cm,38*40cm


Thickened Magic Cleaning Cloth9.jpg



1 x microfiber towels

5Pcs Thickened Pro Cleaning Cloth

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