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Gemstone Bonding Couple Bracelet


Gemstone Bonding Couple Bracelet


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If you think Valentine’s Day gifts are corny, it’s probably because there is no significant meaning behind them. Just look at this simple yet meaningful bracelet — this might seem like any other bracelet to you, but every single inch of it is full of symbolisms from various world cultures: The colorful natural gemstones signify unselfish love,  self-love, compassion, inner, peace, and strength — all are principles needed for a healthy relationship. To top it off, the bracelets are stylish and go perfectly with any outfit.


Gemstone Bonding Couple Bracelet


Wear your heart on your sleeves — get the gemstone Bracelet (only few left)!

couple bracelet5.jpg


Perfect gift for that special someone to show your love and connection.

Unique distance heart magnet design symbolizes the unbreakable bond between two people.


couple bracelet2.jpg


Made of natural, colorful gemstones with emotional and spiritual significance.

Great for everyday wear, adding a fun and stylish touch to any couple’s jewelry collection.

A great gift for any occasion, anniversary, valentine’s day, or simply to show your love..


couple bracelet3.jpg



Material: Stone

Colors: identical to images


couple bracelet4.jpg



1 x bracelet

Gemstone Bonding Couple Bracelet

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