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Mattress Lifting Handy Tool


Mattress Lifting Handy Tool


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Every time you make the bed, you have to lift and twist the mattress, which can be annoying or even cause back pain. The Mattress Lifting Handy Tool is designed to reduce body strain and make it easier for you to tuck in sheets and remove bed linens.




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Mattress Wedge Elevator1.jpg


Wedge Design


The inclined wedge design separates and lifts the mattress 4″-5″ as it slides inreducing body strain incurred with the twist and lift motion on each corner of the mattress.


Mattress Wedge Elevator9.jpg


Handy Tool


It lifts the mattress as it slides in and holds the mattress in a raised position, eliminating repeated lifting while making the bed. It allows you to quickly tuck in sheets, and remove bed linens.


Mattress Wedge Elevator2.jpg

 Alleviate Back Pain


The mattress lifter alleviates neck and back pain with an ergonomic design that effortlessly lifts the mattress and leaves both hands free to make the bed. The handy tool does all the lifting.


Mattress Wedge Elevator8.jpg



The curved handle allows the user to grip the mattress lifter at a natural wrist position providing greater comfortstrength and transfer of energy, allowing you to grip it at a choice of positions.


Mattress Wedge Elevator6.jpg

Strong & Durable


Made of friction resistant, durable polypropylene. It will secure the mattress in an elevated position, alleviate pressure on the lumbar spine and improve your mood.


Mattress Wedge Elevator4.jpg

Make Your Life Easier


This easy mattress lifter is the perfect tool for applying and tucking linens, manoeuvring around nightstands and footboards, putting on bed skirts, and the simple task of fixing your sheets.


Mattress Wedge Elevator5.jpg


✓ Specifications

Color: Blue

Material: ‎Acrylic

Size: 9.84X3.34 inches /25×8.5cm

Weight: 122g


Mattress Wedge Elevator3.jpg


✓ Package List:

1 x Mattress Lifting Handy Tool

Mattress Lifting Handy Tool

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