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Men's Antibacterial Elastic Underpants


Men’s Antibacterial Elastic Underpants


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As the weather gets hotter, uncomfy undergarments become even more unbearable due to sweat and heat. Stay cool and confident all day with this bamboo rayon underwear. Boasting natural odor-resistant properties, it’s ultra-soft, silky-smooth, and breathable. The 5% spandex ensures maximum stretch, perfect for home, exercise, travel, or any daily activity.


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Enjoy a tagless, wide, and stretchy waistband that eliminates pinching and binding. The high-quality non-fading materials offer unmatched durability, even after multiple washes. Say goodbye to ride-ups and constriction – our premium boxer briefs provide flawless ergonomic design and athletic support.

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Antibacterial Underpants_0000_Layer 5.jpg


Ultra-Soft cotton: The softest fabrics for ultimate comfort and breathability.

Odor-Resistant: Stay fresh all day with natural odor-resistant properties.


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5% Spandex: Provides maximum stretch for a comfortable fit during any activity.

No Pinching or Binding: Wide, stretchy, tagless waistband ensures a comfortable and secure fit.


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Durable & Non-Fading: Withstands multiple washes without losing shape or color.

No Ride-Up or Constriction: Flawless ergonomic design and athletic support for active lifestyles.

Moisture-Wicking & Quick-Drying: Performance cooling fabric keeps you dry and comfy all day long.





Material: Cotton, Spandex

Color: as shown


Men's Antibacterial Elastic Underpants



1 x Antibacterial Underpants






Men's Antibacterial Elastic Underpants

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