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Save The Penguin Game


Save The Penguin Game


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Looking for a fun way to help your kids develop their skills? You have got to try The Save The Penguin Game.


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Save The Penguin Game is not only a fun family game, but also an early education toy for kids. You have to use your logical thinking and spatial reasoning skills to win this game, which will promote your kids’ brain and eye-hand development. It’s very fun and safe for children aged 3+, so don’t hesitate to bring a smile and competition to the dinner table!


Bring your family together this Holiday season with Save The Penguin Game! 


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✓  Cultivate children’s operation ability & promote the development of their eye-hand coordination ability while allowing them to have fun.

✓  Clever but very simple game, just don’t fall into the trap of your opponent!

✓  A fun way to add brain development exercises to your kids’ daily activities.


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✓  Eco-friendly, non-toxic & safe game that is also highly durable for kids.

✓  Suitable for 2 to 4 players to enhance the fun of parent-child interaction.

✓  Perfect gift to make your little ones happy.


Save Penguin Game4.jpg

✓  Specifications :

Net weight: 100g

Size: 16.5*16*3.5

Material: Plastic


Save Penguin Game10.jpg


✓  Package List :

1* Game of Save the Penguin





Save The Penguin Game

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