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Silicone Oil Dispenser Bottle


Silicone Oil Dispenser Bottle


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It’s not easy to control the amount of oil you’re using when cooking, which can often lead to waste. The Silicone Oil Dispenser Bottle helps you use oil with precision and work for cooking, baking, haircare essential oils, or DIY projects.




You won’t waste or overuse oil anymore. Plus, the bottles are made of durable and clear material to easily see the amount of oil you’re using.


Enjoy your BBQ date without making it too oily! Claim your oil bottle.

oil dispenser12.jpg


✓  Portable oil dispenser bottle that contains household oil or essential oils without wasting them.

✓  You can easily control the amount of oil you need for your dishes or DIY projects such as homemade body lotions, etc.

✓  High-temperature material and high-quality silicone, pp, and glass bottle.


oil dispenser5.jpg



Color: As shown

Size: 18*6.5cm/7*2.56in

Material: PP+silicone+glass


oil dispenser9.jpg



Package List:

1 x Silicone Oil Dispenser Bottle 




Silicone Oil Dispenser Bottle

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