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Waterfall Faucet Set


Waterfall Faucet Set


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Thinking of unique ways to change your bathroom’s decoration and make it stand out, like you?


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Introducing The Waterfall Faucet Set that will add a striking, modern look to your bathroom! Imagine having the water coming out from your own bathroom faucet as a gentle sheet as if you have your own little waterfall at home. It’s durable, rust-resistant, wall-mounted, and unique. It can be a simple shelf for your accessories, too!


Wake up tomorrow with a Waterfall Faucet in your bathroom!! Order Now!

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✓  A waterfall faucet set to deliver a gentle sheet of water and create a beautiful waterfall effect.

✓  Multifunctional faucet that works as a shelf to hold your belongings.

✓  Unique, wall-mounted design that saves so much space for an upscale look. 


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✓  Corrosion & rust-resistant matte black material that is built for long-term use.

✓  Sturdy & strong faucet that is easy to install.


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✓  Specifications :

Type: Bathroom shelf faucet

Material: Brass

Color: Matte black

Spout style: Square

Level: Excellent


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✓ Package List :

1* Waterfall faucet set




Waterfall Faucet Set

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