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Waterproof Transparent Umbrella Bag


Waterproof Transparent Umbrella Bag


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Protect your belongings from the rain with the Transparent Plastic Bag Umbrella Storage Bag! This storage bag is perfect for preventing your wet umbrella from soaking your bag after use and keeping your umbrella safe and dry. The bag comes with drawstrings to tuck your umbrella securely and carry it with you comfortably.




Order your waterproof transparent umbrella bag!

waterprooof Umbrella cover3.jpg


✓ High-quality bag made of safe materials, convenient and practical, dustproof and moisture-proof, which will hurt your beloved umbrella.

✓ Waterproof, Universal, perfect folding umbrella filler. It can accommodate various sizes of hand-held umbrellas.

Keep the floor dry and prevent slip and fall accidents by keeping the umbrella secure in the bag.


waterprooof Umbrella cover9.jpg



Material: EVA new material

Size: About 33*9.5cm

Color: Transparent


waterprooof Umbrella cover1.jpg



1 x waterproof umbrella bag

Waterproof Transparent Umbrella Bag

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