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Super Absorbent Cotton Kitchen Towels


Super Absorbent Cotton Kitchen Towels


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Imagine spilling oil or juice or knocking off a tray of coffee mugs onto your floor or carpet, how fast would you clean up the mess? Not that fast; unless we’re talking about the Super Absorbent Cotton Kitchen Towels. These towels are made from 8 layers of cotton cloth. It will not shed lint during the cleaning process and is durable enough to be used multiple times per day.




Order yours and absorb all the mess!

Kitchen Towels Cotton3.jpg


✓ 8 layers of cotton cloth for durability and less shedding.

✓ Absorbs oil, water, and other liquids easily.


Kitchen Towels Cotton14.jpg


✓ Separates grease and dirt naturally.

✓ Easily cleaned with just water.


Kitchen Towels Cotton9.jpg



Size: 30cmx30cm

Color: As shown

Material: Cotton


Kitchen Towels Cotton10.jpg



10Pcs x towel

5Pcs x towel

Super Absorbent Cotton Kitchen Towels

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