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12Pcs Sheep Coaster


12Pcs Sheep Coaster


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Coffee stains and ring marks on the coffee table or your desk are not exactly a pleasant sight! You can keep any surface clean while also enjoying a cup of coffee or tea if you only use the Sheep Coaster!


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The 12Pcs Sheep Coaster is not only anti-slip, protective, and solid, it’s also creative and super adorable with a sheep design holder. Your cups will never slip and spill onto your table or carpet. You will always enjoy a cup of joe peacefully!


Order your sheep coaster now!

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12 Non-slip pads that prevent tea or coffee cups from sliding off the table and ruining your furniture.

Eco-friendly, durable, and reliable, they can house your cups and prevent coffee rings and whatnot!

Your plastic table covers won’t get damaged anymore due to the hot cup bottom!


sheep coaster_0006_Layer 13.jpg

Specifications :

Color: black, gray, white

Size: 11cm*9cm*9cm

Thickness: 4mm



sheep coaster_0001_Layer 19.jpg

Package List :

12* pieces Sheep Coaster




12Pcs Sheep Coaster

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