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Sealant Spray


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Looking for an efficient and quick solution to fix broken surfaces and stop leaks? Meet our Sealant Spray that easily and instantly repairs and seals any broken surface. 


Anti-Leaking Sealant Spray – Treasure Box Store


The Sealant Spray features a water-based sealant that is paintable, safe, and odorless. The Sealant Spray can waterproof various surfaces. The Sealant Spray is also transparent, non-yellowing, and can quickly bond to surfaces.

Save money and give your home the instant fix it needs with The Sealant Spray!

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✓  The sealant spray can effectively repair and seal damaged surfaces.

✓ Water-based sealant that can make various surfaces waterproof.

✓  Flexible & strong protective layer on the surfaces providing anti-leakage properties.


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✓  Safe, pollution-free & toxic-free ingredients that can be applied on colored and colorless surfaces.

✓  Non-yellowing & transparent sealant spray that can also be used on wet surfaces.


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✓  Powerful adsorption effect that can quickly and easily be bonded to most surfaces that need protection.

✓  Permanent protection that is suitable for sealing joints, gaps, and leaks.


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✓  Specifications :

Capacity: 30ML

Size: 10*3cm

Weight: 40G


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✓  Package List :

1* Spray sealant




Sealant Spray

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