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Car Scratch Remover


Car Scratch Remover


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Looking for a simple, yet efficient way to make the scratches on your car disappear? Whether it’s one scratch or more, the car scratch remover is your best ally in making your scratched-up ride look new again.


Car Scratch Remover


The car scratch remover is super easy to use and will offer you the best car scratch repair in seconds, making your vehicle as shiny and clean as you want it to be. This scratch banisher is a powerful paste that treats your car paint gently so that you’re left with a nicely-polished and beautiful finish.


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What’s more, the scratch remover has a variety of other cleaning and repairing uses, so you can safely use it on door handles, asphalt, stubborn stains, etc.


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 Make your car shiny and flawless again. Get your own car scratch remover NOW! 

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Designed to restore original luster and color, the scratch paste offers professional and quick removal of not only scratches, but also stubborn dirt, paint spots, burr, and more.

Car scratch remover contains filler ingredients to quickly fill after decomposition and repair paint scratches.


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Easy & Quick repair: Just squeeze enough paste and use the sponge to rub the imperfections away. This will help you keep your vehicle shining and clean at all times.

Car-paint-friendly: Car Scratch Remover doesn’t chemically react with car paint, repairing scratches without harming or discoloring the original car paint.


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Can safely and perfectly work on cars of any color.

You can use the powerful scratch paste to restore door handles and paint or clean asphalt and difficult-to-remove stains.


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Specifications :

Material: Surfactant

Size: 15.5×3.5cm

Volume: 30ml

Weight: 28g


Car Scratch Remover11.jpg


Package List  :

1*Scratch paste


Car Scratch Remover

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