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Digital Cordless Jump Rope


Digital Cordless Jump Rope


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Jumping on a rope is the most efficient and fun way to exercise and lose weight, but the risk of you tripping and falling on your face is very high, especially if you are older!


Cordless Digital Jump Rope – DealRipe


Don’t play with those odds and get the most efficient calorie-burning tool that WILL protect you from falling! The Digital Cordless Jump Rope is an advanced tool with wireless technology that also tracks your distance, calories, and circles. Everything will be displayed to you on the LED screen clearly. It’s also fully adjustable, ergonomic, and with non-slip handles.


Jump your way to the perfect body shape with this great Wireless Jump Rope!

Cordless Digital Jump Rope – DealRipe


✓  Wireless technology that guarantees your safety.

✓  Accurate monitoring of physical activities due to the calories, miles, or kilometers counter.


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✓  HDTV screen to display your achievements in HD.

✓  360º rotating design to prevent tangles and knots.


Digital Cordless Jump Rope_0003_img_7_Cordless_Jump_Ropes_Smart_Electronic_Dig.jpg


✓  Ergonomic & non-slip handles to allow a comfortable and safe grip.

✓  Adjustable rope to help you have the length you need for an efficient workout.


Digital Cordless Jump Rope_0001_Layer 13.jpg


✓  High-quality material that provides high durability.

✓  Lightweight & convenient to carry anywhere for some outdoor activity.


Digital Cordless Jump Rope_0004_img_6_Cordless_Jump_Ropes_Smart_Electronic_Dig.jpg



✓  Specification

Material: PVC

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18 x 3cm

Weight: 230g

4 Modes: Calorie, Kilometer, Mile, and Counting


Digital Cordless Jump Rope_0005_7in.jpg


✓  Package List

1* Wireless Jump Rope


Digital Cordless Jump Rope

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