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BBQ Grill Cleaning Scraper Brush

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Multifunctional High-Pressure Water Sprayer

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Flexible Spiral Cable Wire Protecto


Flexible Spiral Cable Wire Protecto


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Wanna protect your wires? This multi-functional and cute accessory is designed to manage and protect cords in your home or office environment effectively, creating a safer and more organized space.

Not only does this organizer excel in cable management, but it also serves as a holder for your pens, etc. It’s perfect for organizing short-style wires, like the line of earplugs or iPod socket lines. The compact and lightweight design ensures it’s easy to carry along wherever you need it.




Picture a workspace or living area free from messy TV, DVD, PC wires, and cables. Imagine no more tripping over leads on the floor, and having a tidy, organized space that allows you to focus better on your tasks or relaxation.


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Multi-functional: Can be used for organizing various cords and can also hold your items.

Versatile: Perfect for managing short style wires, such as the line of earplugs or iPod socket lines.


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Enhanced safety: Helps prevent tripping over leads on the floor by keeping cords neatly organized.

Portable: Compact and lightweight design, making it easy to carry and use wherever needed.


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Practical: Helps to tidy up unsightly messy TV, DVD, PC wires and cables, improving your living or workspace.

Easy installation: Comes with adhesive tape at the back, allowing you to stick it anywhere for optimal use.


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Attractive: Cute design that’s great for both home and office use.

Customizable: Flexible spiral design can be adjusted to accommodate various cord lengths.


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Material: Silicone

Length: Approx.2m

Diameter: 8mm/10mm/28mm

Color: Black/White


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1pc x Wire Spiral Wrap



Flexible Spiral Cable Wire Protecto

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