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Leather Laptop Sleeve


Leather Laptop Sleeve


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If you take your laptop with you everywhere you go, accidents are bound to happen. So how to protect it?  A leather laptop sleeve is a great tool for that extra layer of protection against the outside world, and this is definitely one of the best!


Ergonomic Laptop Sleeve Stand | 2-in-1 Leather Laptop Case | Goodzify


Made of high quality, soft, and durable material, this leather laptop sleeve can do more than just protect your laptop from all the harmful factors. It is a great option that can also be folded into a stand for your laptop.


Leather Laptop Sleeve_0022_img_4_Aiyopeen_PU_Leather_Laptop_Sleeve_Case_w.jpg

✓  Protects your device and prevents it from friction, bumps, scrapes, and other harmful factors.

✓  Features a soft and smooth surface that won’t hurt your laptop. It can also disperse heat efficiently.


Leather Laptop Sleeve_0001_m.jpg


✓  Multifunctional and can be equally used as a stand for your laptop.

✓  Comes with a magnetic seal when closed to keep your device secured in place.


Leather Laptop Sleeve_0004_Layer 4.jpg


✓  Slim and lightweight! It does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bag.

✓  Made of smooth & soft material, durable enough to withstand up to ten thousand opening-closing without deformation.


Leather Laptop Sleeve_0024_img_2_Aiyopeen_PU_Leather_Laptop_Sleeve_Case_w.jpg



✓  Specification:

Material: Imitation leather

Size:13.3 and 15.6 inch

Color: green, blue, black, & brown


Leather Laptop Sleeve_0006_Layer 2.jpg



✓  Package List:

1*Leather Laptop Sleeve



Leather Laptop Sleeve

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