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Leather Laptop Sleeve

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Expandable Kitchenable Drain Basket

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Movable Washing Machine Stand

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Movable Washing Machine Stand

Original price was: $74.62.Current price is: $49.75.

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Do you struggle to move your washing machine every time you need to give your laundry room a deep cleaning? Do you also hate it when your washing machine or even your fridge leaves marks of rusting? We have the perfect solution for you!


Heavy Weight Movable Floor Trolley_0000_Layer 14.jpg


This Multi-functional Movable Adjustable Base is a sturdy, stylish, and high-performance product. It has a maximum weight limit of up to 850lb and comes with four 360-degree wheels for easy mobility. it’s super easy to assemble, convenient for cleaning, & easy to move.

This will not only give you the option to move your heavy appliances around but also provide ample protection! Order yours now!

Heavy Weight Movable Floor Trolley_0019_img_2_Movable_Refrigerator_Floor_Trolley_Fridg.jpg

✓  Helps to move your heavy appliances and also protect them from getting rusted at the bottom. 

✓  Capable of accommodating all brand machines and appliances: washing machines, refrigerators, air coolers, and dishwashers of various brands.


Heavy Weight Movable Floor Trolley_0016_img_4_Movable_Refrigerator_Floor_Trolley_Fridg.jpg


✓  Durable and rust-resistant featuring anti-skid feet to reduce vibrations & four 360-degree wheels to ensure smooth movement for easy cleaning of the floor.

✓  Comes with adjustable foot that can be adjusted according to your needs! 


Heavy Weight Movable Floor Trolley_0002_Layer 12.jpg

✓  Easy to Assemble, featuring a button-type lock, easy to move with swivel wheels, It is convenient for cleaning and reworking.

✓  Made of durable, strong,  and high-quality stainless steel that can withstand heavy load machines and its thick coating makes it water and corrosion-resistant.


Heavy Weight Movable Floor Trolley_0017_img_0_Movable_Refrigerator_Floor_Trolley_Fridg.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Maximum Load: 850lb

Height: 10 – 14cm

length: 52-72

width: 59-78


Heavy Weight Movable Floor Trolley_0014_img_0_Movable_Refrigerator_Floor_Trolley_Fridg.jpg


✓  Package List :


Movable Washing Machine Stand




Movable Washing Machine Stand

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