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Reusable Washable Lint Roller


Reusable Washable Lint Roller


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It’s tough to keep your home clean when you’re constantly battling against lint and dust buildup. The usable Lint Remover is the solution to your lint and dust woes. This professional-strength adhesive roller requires fewer passes to remove debris, so it gets the job done faster – without leaving any trace on your furniture.




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✓  Easily remove lint, pet hair, and other debris from fabric clothes, carpets, vehicles, curtains, furniture, and more.

✓  Won’t leave any residue or damage the fabric.


Reusable Lint Remover13.jpg


✓  Perfect for everyday use around the house.

✓  Reusable & washable: Original wood pulp material built to be reused multiple times.

✓  Easy to use: made of original wood pulp, you can throw the dirty pieces into the dust bin.


Reusable Lint Remover11.jpg



Material: Plastic + TPR

Small Size: 9.8*2.8cm

Large size: 17*10*5.7cm

Color: As shown


Reusable Lint Remover7.jpg



1 x lint roller

Reusable Washable Lint Roller

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