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2 In 1 Lamp Projection Humidifier


Foldable Lightweight Laundry Basket

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Adjustable Multifunctional Aluminium Wrench


Adjustable Multifunctional Aluminium Wrench


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A standard adjustable wrench can often be too large or bulky to use in tight spaces, and it can be easy to damage or strip the fittings if you’re not careful. Our Adjustable Multifunctional Aluminium Wrench is perfect for the job. Made from lightweight but durable aluminium alloy, this tool comes with a short, ergonomic handle that makes it easy to use in tight spaces. And with its open-ended design, it can fit over most standard fittings without damaging them.




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Does not damage decorative tubes and nuts, such as gold-plated, copper, etc.

✓ Suitable for disassembly and assembly of sanitary ware, pipe nuts, etc.


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✓ The handle is short, ergonomic, not easy to break, and convenient to use in small spaces.

Higher precision, higher flexibility, and higher efficiency.


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Color: silver

Length: 270mm

Weight: 220g

Maximum opening: 80mm

Material: aluminum alloy


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1 x multifunctional wrench

Adjustable Multifunctional Aluminium Wrench

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