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Arrow Shots Spinner Game


Arrow Shots Spinner Game


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Okay, we know you can just simply go out with your people and drink some shots & that’s all. But doesn’t that get a bit boring after a while? This is why people love this Arrow shot spinner! 

Here’s how it goes:


Arrow Shots Spinner Game


This game is sure to be a hit at any party, holiday, date, BBQ, reception, or outing!

Enjoy some crazy fun with friends – Get your shots spinner (only 9 left)!

Pointer Shot Spinner1.jpg


Pour some liquid into the shot glass.

Place the shot glass in the spin shot holder.


Pointer Shot Spinner5.jpg


Spin the arrow to decide your fate!

Whoever the arrow lands on drinks. Refill the shot glass.

The person who took the shot takes the next turn to spin!


Pointer Shot Spinner4.jpg



Size: 12.1*5*5 (cm)

Material: ABS


Pointer Shot Spinner3.jpg



1 x arrow spinner

Arrow Shots Spinner Game

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