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Back Stretcher


Back Stretcher


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Do you dream of getting rid of your back pain once and for all? Your age or lifestyle might be the cause of your muscle tension, and when it is not healed, you may end up with more unbearable pain and injuries, even the slightest activity will make you cry for help!

Back Stretcher


So, what if we told you that you could get back to healthy, comfortable spine alignment in the easiest way imaginable?


PosturePod™ Back Stretcher – HighstreetPH


Introducing the Back Stretcher! This Back Stretcher Device is specially designed to relieve your pain and tension immediately and safely while, also, allowing you to self-massage your back for a great experience. The Back Stretcher comes with three-adjustable levels to meet your needs, and after a couple of uses only, your pain will be gone, your posture will be better, and your life will be a lot healthier. Just forget about the expensive chiropractic and physiotherapy sessions because you can heal your own back at your home, cheaply, and without the help of anyone.


Relieve your pain and earn a better life only by laying down, thanks to this great Back Stretcher!

Lumbar Back Stretcher - Offers Support for Back & Spinal Decompression – blackcass


✓  The back stretcher will relieve your muscle pain and help you stretch and massage your back without anyone’s help.

✓  Ergonomic design for an easy and safe self-massage.


Back Massager Stretcher_0000s_0010_Layer 8.jpg


✓  3 adjustable stretching stages providing 7cm/2.75in, 9cm/3.54in and 11cm/4.33in distance above ground to meet your needs.

✓  Lightweight & sturdy back stretcher device that can withstand anyone’s weight easily.


Back Massager Stretcher_0000s_0007_Layer 11.jpg


✓  Multifunctional self-massager as it also provides shoulder massage, back acupressure, lower back pain relief, posture corrector, and more.

✓  Portable back stretcher to carry with you anywhere to never deal with back pain again.

✓  Great gift idea for your loved ones who need a little help with their chronic back pain.


Back Massager Stretcher_0000s_0016_Layer 2.jpg


✓  Specifications :

Material: ABS

Color: Black

Size: Approx. 39*26*10cm/15.35×10.23×3.93in


Back Massager Stretcher_0000s_0002_Layer 17.jpg

✓  Package List :

1* Back massager


Back Stretcher

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