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Color Changing LED Showerhead


Color Changing LED Showerhead


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Want to turn a mundane task such as taking a shower into a magical, relaxing one? Install the Color Changing LED Showerhead and bask in a waterfall of light! The LED shower head requires no batteries or wiring. It’s durable stainless steel, and changes color every 2-5 seconds to transform your bathroom into a relaxing haven.




Order your Color Changing LED Showerhead!

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✓ Easy to Install. The shower handle connects directly to your shower pipe.

No batteries, no wire needed. Automatically change one color every 2-5 seconds. Seven colors are displayed circularly and gradually when the water runs through.


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✓ Suitable for 20mm diameter screw handlebar. Transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light. Offer you a delightful bath & a wonderful experience.

✓ Beautiful and romantic colorful LED Showerhead. Mixing light and water, bring a dreamlike world.

✓ Made of good quality material, durable to use.


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✓ Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel

Surface treatment: Electroplating, Chrome

Shower Shape: Round

LED Numbers: 5 LEDs

Size: Approx 84(D) x 200(L) mm (max)

Main Color: Silver


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✓ Package List:

1 x Color Changing LED Showerhead


Color Changing LED Showerhead

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