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Pool Lounge Water Chair


Magical Silicone Broom

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Eggy Silicone Poachers


Eggy Silicone Poachers


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Want to make your breakfast look and taste like it was made by a seasoned chef? With the Eggy SIlicone Poachers, you can make the tastiest poached eggs in minutes and impress your guests or family.


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These cute-looking poachers come as a 6-hole pack that is high-temperature resistance, eco-friendly and non-toxic for your health — simply a chef’s kiss!


You will no longer make messy poached eggs with the Eggy Poachers!

6 Pcs/Set Silicone Egg Cooker Mold Hard Boiled Eggs Without The Shell Egg  Tools Pack Kitchen Accessories - Online Kitchen tools and Accessories  Shopping In Pakistan


Non-stick silicone for a convenient cooking experience and the best quality food!

6-hole cup pack so you can make more than one egg at once.


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Safe to use by putting on a pan even with water boiling, protecting the eggs and evenly cooking them.

High temperature resistant and will not wear down no matter what.


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Environmentally friendly & non-toxic so you can safely cook & enjoy your food!

Great gift for a dear one or a friend who recently moved out!


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Specifications :

Material: silicone

Color: As shown in pictures


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Package list  :

6 pieces Eggy Silicone Poachers




Eggy Silicone Poachers

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