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Unisex UV Protection Hat

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Eggy Silicone Poachers

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Pool Lounge Water Chair

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Pool Lounge Water Chair

Original price was: $59.80.Current price is: $29.90.

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You have been busy this year, you deserve a break! And what’s better than a relaxing dip in the pool. Make your dream vacation come true with the Pool Lounge Water Chair!

Enjoy the sunshine and relax in the pool or sea with a Floating Lounge Chair and Bed! Its Ergonomic design provides plenty of support and an abundance of comfort. It adjusts to your preferred reclining position and size, easy to inflate and deflate for quick and compact storage. It allows your body to cool in the water and gives you a relaxing and comfortable experience.


Swimming Floating Bed And Lounge Chair (Adjustable + Collapsable Chair/Bed) - Inspirishop



Control your sitting or reclining position quickly and easily. Two sets of straps allow you to position yourself comfortably no matter what your body size is. Whether you’re sitting upright or fully reclined you’ll experience semi-submerged buoyancy to keep you cool all day.


Premium Floating Lounge Chair – Dealz Ninjaa



You spoke, we listened. Now made from quick-drying quality denier nylon with upgraded reinforced stitching at the straps. Sidearms and headrest feature integrated inflatable bladders made of strong 12 gauge vinyl.


Premium Floating Lounge Chair – Dealz Ninjaa



Sidearms and headrest feature integrated inflatable bladders made of heavy-duty vinyl to provide back and arm support for all-day lounging in the pool, floating on the lake or drifting on the river.  With this floating lounge chair, you’ll always be semi-submerged so it’s easy to keep cool under the hot summer sun!


inflatable floating chair_0002_Layer 10.jpg


The sling seat and flexible lower backrest allow for the chair to compact together as needed for easy on-the-go use. Going on vacation? Simply deflate the bladders and pack the chair in your luggage!


inflatable floating chair_0009_Layer 3.jpg


✓  Specifications: :

Material: PVC

Size: 1200x1000x1000mm/47.24×39.37×39.37in

Weight: 500g


inflatable floating chair_0010_Layer 1.jpg

✓  Package List: :

1*Pool Lounge Water Chair




Pool Lounge Water Chair

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