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Electric Portable Dust Collector


Electric Portable Dust Collector


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So you want to drill a wall without leaving dust and debris behind? It does sound impossible, isn’t it? Well, with the Electric Portable Dust Collector, it is more than possible!


Electric Must Have Accessory Drill Dust Collector Cover Collecting Ash bowl Dust proof for electric Household tools Drill Dust C|Tool Parts| - AliExpress


You only need to attach this dust collector to any electric drill, and it will contain the dust and debris, keeping your floors and surfaces dust-free and providing a clean workspace for easy cleanup. It’s also portable, so you can take it to your workshop or anywhere to help you with repair or home decoration projects!


Live dust-free. Order the dust collector!

Tools & Home Improvement Hands-Free Dust Collector Drill Dust Vacuum Cleaner,Electric Drill Dust Rubber Drill Dust Collector,That Effectively Removes The Dust & Debris From Any Hole You Are Drilling Power Tools


Made of durable plastic & It has a hollow chamber that collects dust and debris as you drill each hole.

Compact, practical, and easy to use, making cleanup easy after any DIY project.


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Adjustable drill cover that fits multiple drill bits, and the bowl attachment fits any drill brand.

Premium quality that guarantees a lasting and strong performance.


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Specifications :

Material: ABS

Product size: 8.8*5*4.4cm

Weight: 50g


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Package List :

1*  Electric Portable Dust Collector




Electric Portable Dust Collector

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