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Food Pesticide Cleaner


Food Pesticide Cleaner


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Does washing vegetables take too long? Do you struggle to get all the dirt off of them? The Food Pesticide Cleaner’s high-energy ion purification technology uses water as raw material to thoroughly cleanse veggies and fruits. No chemical additives, no damage to food!




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It is palm-sized and easy to store. It can be carried at home, on business trips, or during travel. It protects your health at all times.

Safe Fruit & Vegetable Washing Machine: It can also easily clean tableware, kitchen utensils, etc.

5V direct current, direct contact without strong electricity, titanium electrode, safe and stable, long service life, IPX7 waterproof. It has a wide range of applications and can be used for fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, meat, grains, tableware, etc.


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Battery: 4400mah

Color: Blue

Size: 91mm*91mm*162mm

Power (W): 8W

Voltage (V): 5V


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Package List:

1 x Pesticide cleaner




Food Pesticide Cleaner

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