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Hidden Book Safe Box


Hidden Book Safe Box


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Want to hide an important item somewhere nobody could guess? The Security Book Safe Box with Password Lock is the perfect solution for anyone looking for an extra layer of security for their belongings. This sturdy box can be hidden among your books on your shelf, making it virtually impossible for anyone but you to find out!




Order your secret dictionary box!

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✓ Keep your valuables safe and hidden in a “dictionary.”

✓ Portable for travel – hide your cash and jewelry when you’re on the go.


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✓ Looks like a normal book on your shelf, providing an added level of security.

✓ Lock with password to keep your belongings extra safe.


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Weight: 850g

Material: Plastic & Metal

Size: Approx.240mm*155mm*55mm/ 9.5inch*6.1inch*2.2inch (L*W*H)


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1 x box

Hidden Book Safe Box

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