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Riveter Hand Gun


Riveter Hand Gun


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 A rivet gun is essential for fastening sheet metal or plastic together. It can be used in a variety of applications, from home improvement projects to industrial manufacturing.




We have the perfect rivet gun for your needs. The Riveter Hand Gun is a heavy-duty tool that is easy to use for any DIY or repair project. All you have to do is insert rivets inside the gun and securely fasten the rivets.

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riveter hand gun12.jpg


Easy to use – perfect for any DIY or repair project.

 Heavy-duty tool for secure fastening.


riveter hand gun10.jpg



Insert rivets inside the gun and securely fasten them.

Durable construction for a long-lasting tool.


riveter hand gun2.jpg



Length: 260mm

Width: 125mm

Weight: 758g


riveter hand gun6.jpg


Package List:

1 x riveter gun + rivet heads




Riveter Hand Gun

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