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Sewing Needle Magnet Wrist Pad


Sewing Needle Magnet Wrist Pad


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Tired of losing your needles while sewing or making DIY crafts?




Our Sewing Needle Magnet Wrist Pad is the perfect solution! It’s a wrist pad that goes around your wrist and has a magnetic front that you can keep your needles or any small metal objects on so you’ll never lose them again while making crafts or sewing!


Order yours and never lose concentration!

Magnetic Wrist Pin Holder9.jpg


Keeps needles, nails, paperclips, and any small metal object within your reach.

Strong magnet that will not disappoint.


Magnetic Wrist Pin Holder8.jpg


Comfortable to wear, just like a watch, except it keeps pins, needles, etc., stuck.

You can easily suck the metal objects out and keep them somewhere safe when you’re done.


Magnetic Wrist Pin Holder11.jpg



Color: As shown

Material: Silicone + steel sheet

Weight: 50g

Size: Square cushion: 4×5.5×0.8cm

Bracelet: 23.8×2.80.2cm


Magnetic Wrist Pin Holder6.jpg



Package List:

1 x Sewing Needle Magnet Wrist Pad






Sewing Needle Magnet Wrist Pad

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