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Spiral 2Part Cereal Bowl


Spiral 2Part Cereal Bowl


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Your life can be divided into two parts – before and after the Spiral 2Part Cereal Bowl: 

 Without the 2Part Bowl in your life, there is no escaping the sogginess of your cereal.

With the 2Part Bowl, your cereal, cookies, and Oreos will stay crisp and crunchy.




The bowl has two sections separating wet from dry:

✓  the upper area for the cereal.

✓  Lower area for milk storage.


spiral cereal bowl11.jpg


The bowl also works for fries and dip, milk and crackers, soup and crackers, ketchup, vegetables, etc. Just slide the cereals from the dry section into the liquid section, and enjoy your crispy breakfast!


 Slide from your messy breakfast life into your new one! Order yours.

spiral cereal bowl1.jpg



Material: ABS

Capacity: 1.8L

Color: As shown


spiral cereal bowl12.jpg



Package List:

1 x Spiral 2Part Cereal Bowl




Spiral 2Part Cereal Bowl

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