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Crispy French Fries Cutter


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If you love fries but always end up with uneven, thick and thin fries, and mashed potatoes on one plate, you’re doing something wrong.




Try the Crispy French Fries Cutter – its cross pattern steel blades will effortlessly slice even-sized fries, and even onions or carrots. You only need to push the plastic cover down, and your perfect fries will emerge from the other side of the blades.


Enjoy your crispy fries. But first, order your crispy cutter!

french fries cutter5.jpg


✓  Easily and quickly cut potatoes into even slices with just one push.

Ideal for a variety of vegetables and fruits (onions, apples, cucumbers, carrots, pear, peppers, melons) – perfect for any meal or dish!


french fries cutter10.jpg


No more uneven, jagged potato slices – cross pattern steel blades effortlessly do the job.

Safe and easy to use, with a comfortable grip.


french fries cutter9.jpg



Size: 10.1*8.2*14CM

Material: PP+430 stainless steel

Color: white


french fries cutter6.jpg


Package List:

1 x Crispy French Fries Cutter




Crispy French Fries Cutter

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