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Magnetic Window Cleaner


Magnetic Window Cleaner


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Is it too hard and too risky to clean the outside of your windows? There are many dirty corners you can’t access? You shouldn’t be risking your life and making a lot of efforts only to clean the outside of your windows… that just doesn’t make sense!


Magnetic window Cleaner- Doublesided – MoveTrendy


The Magnetic Window Cleaner is here to the rescue! It is built smartly with a double-sided magnetic design to help you clean both sides of the window at the same, effortlessly. You don’t need to stand at the edge of your window anymore or bring the latter because The Magnetic Window Cleaner is the easiest, most convenient solution. This Window Cleaner is also durable, safe, and efficient! 


The Magnetic Window Cleaner is a must-have for any household! 

Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner | BrightView™ – oDeals24


✓  Strong double-sided magnetic design to let you clean your window from inside your home.

✓  Built-in water storage sponge to avoid repeated water replenishment.

✓  Anti-falling rope to tie to your hand and wipe the glass more securely.


Magnetic Window Cleaner_0013_Layer 5.jpg


✓  High-quality material that efficiently cleans your windows and provide high durability.

✓  Easy & safe to use, just protect your hands because it’s very magnetic.


Magnetic Window Cleaner_0014_Layer 4.jpg

✓  Important note: :

Make sure to measure the thickness of your glass before you pick the right window cleaner for you. Otherwise, it will not move or keep falling off the glass.



Name: Double-sided window cleaner

Scope of application: 18-28mm/15-26mm/8-15mm/3-8mm

Material: High strength plastic, rubber, rubidium iron boron steel

Note: Can’t fit the thickness of glass over 29mm


Magnetic Window Cleaner_0007_6.2 in.jpg

✓ Package List :

1* Magnetic window cleaner (depending on the thickness of your glass)




Magnetic Window Cleaner

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