Laughing Cat Sculpture Storage Box

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One For All Silicone Glass Pot Cover

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Refrigerator Hanging Can Dispenser

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Refrigerator Hanging Can Dispenser

Original price was: $37.48.Current price is: $24.99.

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Introducing the Drawer Storage Rack – the ultimate solution to decluttering your refrigerator and saving you 50% of valuable space! Say goodbye to messy and disorganized refrigerators with our hangable can storage that is both neat and efficient. With a thoughtful design that slides in and hangs, this soda can organizer is easy to access and simple to use; you can easily fit up to 8 cans! The best part? It fits 99.99% of refrigerators, and the length can be adjusted according to your glass panel. Made from premium HIPS material, these canned drink holders for refrigerators are completely shatterproof for long-term use.




Get yours and save 50% of space in your fridge!


Can Dispenser6.jpg


Hanging drawer design: Maximize your refrigerator space by using the vertical space to store articles efficiently.

Food-grade materials: Feel confident in using our product as it’s made with safe, non-toxic materials.


Can Dispenser9.jpg


Space-saving and high-capacity: With a narrow body and wide heart design, you can store up to 8 cans at once, maximizing your storage space.

Organizational helper: Keep your refrigerator organized by placing cans at will and maintaining a good seal in low-temperature environments.

Versatile use: Our hanging drawer is not limited to cans, but you can store whatever you want for a more organized and efficient refrigerator.


Can Dispenser2.jpg




Materials: HIPS materials

Color: white


Can Dispenser7.jpg


Package List :
Drawer storage rack*1




Refrigerator Hanging Can Dispenser

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