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Magnetic Notes Board


Magnetic Notes Board


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You need more practical sticky notes for your fridge or near your desk? Anything reusable is always the best! The Magnetic Notes Board automatically sticks to any metal surface and allows you to write notes and lists so you won’t forget about any important errands or dates.



You can easily wipe and rewrite your notes with a marker, and use the board for years! Order yours now!


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✓ MAGNETIC: The whiteboard sticks to metal surfaces automatically and can be removed without damage.

✓ TAPE HOLDER: A built-in holder for tape allows you to attach the board to other surfaces like wood or walls. 


A5 magnetic notes2.jpg


✓ SMOOTH WRITING SURFACE: The PET film surface provides a smooth writing experience.

✓ EASILY REUSABLE: The whiteboard can be erased and reused time and time again.


A5 magnetic notes14.jpg



Size: 148mmx210mm


A5 magnetic notes17.jpg


Package List:

1 x board

3x markers

1 x sponge

Magnetic Notes Board

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