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Warm-n-Cushy Toilet Seat Cover


Warm-n-Cushy Toilet Seat Cover


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Are you desperate to stop freezing your rear off every time you go to the bathroom? Do you want to answer the call of nature on a cushy, warm, and cozy seat? Put the Warm-n-Cushy Toilet Seat Cover  on your toilet seat and you will love every second of your toilet time!




The seat cover is flexible, comfortable, warm, and made of high-quality knitted wool. It also comes in different colors to pick from and a loop to lift it. What more could we ask for?!


Order your new favorite bathroom accessory!

toilet seat cover10.jpg


Keep your bum warm in the cold winter months.

Has a loop that allows you to lift it without touching the seat or cover.


toilet seat cover8.jpg


Flexible and comfortable enough to make you want to nap on it!

Made of high-quality wool-knitted materials that will last you for a long time.

Portable so you can take it with you wherever you go.


toilet seat cover2.jpg



Material: wool knitted cover

Color: As shown


toilet seat cover9.jpg



Package List:

1 x Warm-n-Cushy Toilet Seat Cover




Warm-n-Cushy Toilet Seat Cover

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