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Wooden Animal Puzzle


Wooden Animal Puzzle


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Looking for a way to lower your stress levels that is not medications or substance abuse? Or are you still figuring out a way to bond better with your kids? You came to the right place…


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The Wooden Animal Puzzle is what you need to relax and have some good quality time with your little ones. This unique Animal Puzzle is made of vibrant colors and rich details that will help you and the kids to improve short-term memory, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and more! This is a classic puzzle with a twist, designed for all ages! Once you are done, you will have a magnificent vivid animal that you can put as a decoration anywhere.


Don’t believe anyone who says puzzles are only for kids! Get The Wooden Animal Puzzle and have a great time learning and de-stressing. 

Wooden Animal Puzzle_0010_img_21_Wooden_Animal_Puzzles_For_Adults_Diy_Puz.jpg


✓  A fun & smart puzzle that improves short-term memory and helps train problem-solving and thinking skills.

✓  Bright colors & rich details make the puzzle more fun to solve and a great decoration when it’s assembled.


Rectangle 2 copy 3.jpg


✓  Unique puzzle shapes that are complex and vivid, suitable for all ages.

✓  Stress relief puzzle that will get your mind off everything for a healthier mind.


Wooden Animal Puzzle_0007_img_26_Wooden_Animal_Puzzles_For_Adults_Diy_Puz.jpg


✓  Awesome design that is inspired by nature to reflect the diversity of the animal world.

✓  Safe, environmentally-friendly  & high-quality material that provides high durability.

✓  Thoughtful gift idea for kids and adults to help them have a fun time while learning.


Wooden Animal Puzzle_0000_img_36_Wooden_Animal_Puzzles_For_Adults_Diy_Puz.jpg

✓  Specifications :

Number of pieces: 130 pieces

Product size: 19x24cm / 7.5×9.5inch
Puzzle thickness: 5mm


Wooden Animal Puzzle_0002_img_38_Wooden_Animal_Puzzles_For_Adults_Diy_Puz.jpg

✓  Package List :

1* Wooden animal puzzle




Wooden Animal Puzzle

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